Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

Auditions: June 2 – 3
Performance: Aug 1-3, 8-10 at 7:30pm, Aug 3-4, 10-11 at 2:30pm

Dear valued community members,

It is probably no secret that the theatre has faced some financial hardships this season. Recently, the board sat down with some long-time members to ask them their opinions on how we could bring some of the community back from hiatus. One of their major issues was the lack of familiarity with the show selections for this season. While our community members are willing to take a risk occasionally by seeing a new show, an entire season of unfamiliar shows was a turnoff to some of our mainstays. This information inspired the board to think long and hard, and we came to a decision. We have decided to remove James and the Giant Peach as the summer musical and replace it with The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. We know this hilarious musical comedy is a favorite as it proved to be successful when it was performed on our stage in 2004. We feel this show will draw in more patrons due to its previous success and its name recognition.

In addition to changing the summer show, we will also be changing the show dates due to a scheduling conflict with some of the parties involved with the production. The musical will run two weekends instead of three, opening Thursday, August 1, and closing Sunday, August 11. We will be adding matinees on both Saturdays as well.

We apologize to anybody who was looking forward to seeing or working on James and the Giant Peach. While it is an excellent show, we feel its replacement will suit our audiences better at this time. We are open to placing it in a future season.

Please contact us with any thoughts, suggestions, or questions you have. We look forward to seeing you at the next performance.


The TCT Board of Governors